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Environmental compliance isn’t an option … It’s a foundation.

When it comes to large-scale development and infrastructure projects, doing the right thing by the environment makes great commercial sense.

Whether you need to deliver on your company’s ambitious environmental strategy, secure or discharge planning consents at a sensitive site or achieve the highest sustainability ratings, putting environmental consultants at the heart of your team from day one makes your projects more focused, more collaborative and more successful.

We can help you deliver outstanding development and infrastructure projects that showcase your environmental credentials

Who we help and how

Large national landowners

For the past nine years we’ve helped BAE Systems manage their environmental commitments, whilst remediating and redeveloping a 4-square mile ammunitions factory as a new village.

Planning consultants

We provide specifically tailored advice on how to secure and discharge all types of planning consents – preparing Environmental Impact Assessment chapters, ecological, arboricultural and soil reports and strategies.

Estates managers

Ensure that your land stewardship works for the environment and for the businesses and communities you support.  Conserve your natural capital assets and map out opportunities to realise strategic objectives.

Large engineering firms

Sustainable construction requires a close interaction between design, construction and ecology.  Innovative technologies are changing the way we map sites.

CSR professionals

Creating a sustainable and successful business requires a focus on processes, not just results. Ensure that responsible business is embedded in your company’s strategy and practices.

High net worth individuals

We create truly biodiverse spaces in which to live and work, designing around ancient trees and waterbodies to create exceptional biophilic spaces.

Over the past ten years we’ve completed some of our best work for

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